Terms and Conditions



ABLE REMOVERS, hereafter called the “CONTRACTOR”, hereby gives notice:

1 Payment for removal,

The client should be aware that lf payment ls not affected immediately on delivery of goods certain items will be held to the value of removal until such time as payment is made. The CONTRACTOR has the right to uplift any piece or pieces of furniture to the value of the outstanding value of removal at any time after the removal.

2 Liability

All work is performed and all storage undertaken by the CONTRACTOR entirely at client’s risk and the CONTRACTOR, whether packing, storing, conveying loading, unloading or handling the goods in any way whatsoever, will not be liable for any loss occasioned to the client whether such loss arises out of the destruction or damage to any goods, failure to produce any goods, or delay In delivery unless the client proves that such loss was due to the CONTRACTORS wilful misconduct or malfeasance.

3 Access to premises

This estimate is furnished on the assumption that it will be possible to affect the removal of the goods by means of the ordinary staircase and doorways. Should window access or other tackle be necessary an extra charge will be incurred. This estimate does not include the taking down or putting up of fixtures, gas or electrical fittings, the relaying or fitting of carpets or floor cloths, the re-fixing of blinds, cornices, pelmets or other fittings: the re-hanging of pictures or the re-fixing of mirrors.

4 Dangerous and damaging goods

The CONTRACTOR does not accept for the removal, packaging or storing of any dangerous or explosive articles or substances on their premises or in their vehicles. If any such article is discovered the CONTRACFOR may, at their discretion, remove, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of the same.

5 Goods in and out of storage.

Clients should be aware that for goods brought into storage, payment is to be made timeously monthly and in advance or goods will be sold within 30 days to defray costs. The client must give at least seven clear day’s notice lf any goods are required from storage, except within three days ef any month end when fourteen day’s notice is required.

6 Charges when payable

The CONTRACTOR’S charges shall be payable to them or their agents as soon as any of the goods removed under this contract shall be tendered for delivery outside the premises at which they were collected on; In the -case oft goods stored and received for packing prior to their delivery or removal or despatch from me premises of the CONTRACTOR. The CONTRACTOR shall have a general lien over the said goods for all monies due to the CONTRACTOR. lf any charges in respect of any goods deposited with or held by the CONTRACTOR shall be three months in arrears then the CONTRACTOR shall, alter sending by post to the client or to his agents at the last address known to them one calendar month’s notice of their intention to sell such goods or in the event of no abode or address of the client or his agent being known to the CONTRACTOR then after giving one calendar month’s notice in a public newspaper, have full power to open and examine the whole of the property and to sell such goods or any part thereof by public auction or private treaty, both to obtain their charges and also to clear the warehouse and to retain and apply the proceeds of the sale of the goods so sold (less the cost of the sale) In payment of or towards all the charges payable to the CONTRACTOR in respect of such goods, or by the depositors of such goods.

7 Availability of vehicles

This estimate is subject to the CONTRACTOR having their vehicle and staff available on the dates as stated on the Acceptance Form.

8 CONTRACTOR to decide route and means

The CONTRACTOR may at any time during any removal transfer the goods from vehicle to vehicle and during storage from one warehouse to another warehouse. The CONTRACTOR may also decide as to which route or by which means the goods shall be carried and may enter Into a contract with any other contractor or Railway or Steamship or Dock or Harbour Company or Authority to carry out the whole or any part of the contract and/or to cause all or pan of the property to be stored ‘by or in the warehouse of another contractor and these

conditions shall nevertheless apply thereto. Any deviation from any route shall not affect the CONTRACT0R’S liability.

9 Authority to enter into contract

The Client warrants that the property handed to me CONTRACTOR is either the c1lent’s own property or the client has the full and absolute authority of all persons owning or having Interest in the property to enter Into the central: and agrees to indemnify the CONTRACTOR against all claims, costs, charges and demands made against the CONTRACTOR in respect thereof.

10 Claim or dispute not to defer payment

A claim or dispute shall not be made the reason for deferring payment of any monies payable to the CONTRACTOR or to their agents or other contractors acting on their behalf and these conditions shall apply thereto.

11 Valuables, livestock, plants etc.

The CONTRACTOR does not accept jewellery, precious stones, plate or other valuables of any description or plant for removal or storage except by special agreement in writing and shall not under any circumstances be liable for the loss of or failure to produce or damage or deterioration thereto howsoever caused.

12 Rental and storage charges

Unless otherwise stated in writing the charges are for one calendar month, the minimum charge being for one month. The CONTRACTOR may however and at their discretion agree to the payment of half a month’s rental in respect of the calendar month’s rental for the month in which the goods are put into storage provided such goods are put into storage after the 15th (fifteenth) day of such calendar month and that they have been in storage for at least one month thereafter. The CONTRACTOR may also at their discretion agree to the payment of a half a calendar month’s rental in respect of the calendar month’s rental for the month in which goods are taken out of storage provided storage charges do not include charges for inspection, removing, collecting, delivery, packing, brushing, receiving, stowing away. unstowing, access to store, handling out to client or to his/her agent, napthalening, (these charges are compulsory) searches and other attendance upon client or their agents, providing documents, copies of originals, receipts, etc. For each of these an extra charge will be made and the client agrees to pay such additional charges at me CONTRACTORS schedule rates. An additional charge will also be made for the move out of storage.

13 Previous charges

The CONTRACTOR is hereby authorised to pay all charges claimed by previous storage or packing or other contractors or carriers or forwarding agents and any other charges whatsoever and shall have a general lien over all goods pending reimbursement thereof by the client.

14 Agent or person

No agent or person employed by the CONTRACTOR have any authority no alter vary or qualify in any way these terms and conditions nor enter into any contract on their behalf nor enter any receipts or documents that have been previously submitted to any approved in writing by the CONTRACTOR.

15 Damage to property

The CONTRACTOR does not accept any liability for damages to property (i.e paving, gates, overhangs, electrical boxes etc.) either on entering or leaving the said premises

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